Why SEO is Important for Monetization

If you are interested in making more money with your blog, I am sure you are asking yourself what to do next. What is the best thing to focus on in order to earn more money online? While many bloggers recognize the powerful influence that google’s pagerank has, I am slowly realizing that there is a factor that is more important than PR (pagerank). This is search engine optimization (SEO for short). Before you choose to publicly dismiss my idea (feel free to do so in the comments below), hear me out. Here’s why I think SEO is one of the most important aspects for successfully earning money with your blog.

What is Search Engine Optimization

Before I go into the major reasons why I think SEO is the most important aspect for monetizing a blog, I figured I would explain what it is exactly. For those new to blogging or those thinking of starting their own blog, this should give you a basic understanding of what it is. To give a simplified version of it, search engine optimization is the effort or strategy used to rank high on search engines. By using various tactics, you can improve your changes of appearing early or higher on the results in google (or other search engines like bing or yahoo). The higher that your site appears on google’s search engine results, the more traffic you will get.

Why SEO Could be the Most Important Aspect in Monetization

Money Follows Users: If you have any training or experience in marketing, you know one basic principle. Advertisers want space where there is a large audience or market. If you have high traffic on your blog, it only makes sense that you will have lots of prime advertising options. This is a basic principle that rings true in no matter what market you are in.

Easiest Way for Advertisers to Find You: From my experience, one of the easiest ways that advertisers find one of my sites is through search engines. Many advertisers, in an effort to find a place to promote their product, will do a basic search in google to find publishers. If you have decent search engine traffic and have several high-traffic keywords that rank well on google, you can be sure that advertisers will find you. While I believe SEO to be the most effective way to let advertisers know you are out there, I should point out that advertisers use other means to find quality sites to promote their product. For example, I have had a couple advertisers find me through carnivals (not many in the grand scheme, but every little bit counts). It’s important to have a well balanced approach to promoting your site, but if you had to choose I would spend more time on SEO than carnival submissions. Or, you could hire me to do it for you while you focus on SEO.

Private Advertisers Still Using Traffic: Advertisers or representatives not only use google to find you, but they use your traffic as a metric to determine whether or not they want to advertise on your site. If you don’t have decent traffic, the odds are pretty good that you are missing out on several advertising offers. I’ve worked with several advertisers that use or other sites that measure traffic on sites as a qualification. If you have low traffic, your site probably won’t show up on these sites and you will be missing out on several deals.

Diversification: Last but certainly not least, search engine optimization offers you the ability to bring in money from different sources. With high traffic, you can earn money on your site through a variety of forms. Whether this is private advertising, CPC ads (like google adsense), CPM (Cost per 1k Impressions) or affiliates, the bottom line is that you will be more successful with high traffic. If you are not focusing on search engine traffic very much, it is something that you should consider.

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7 Responses to Why SEO is Important for Monetization

  1. SEO is hugely important. If you rank highly for search terms, you will get advertisers flocking to you. Also, you can supplement your income by having CPC ads like Adsense or InfoLinks.

  2. Cash Flow Mantra says:

    You hit on the bottom line. You need traffic to make money period regardless of the method of monetization. Search engines or social network will get you that traffic and SEO is a big part of the traffic equation and by extension, earnings.

  3. Great job pointing out the importance of SEO Corey :)

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