Want to Explode Your Blog Earnings? Buy an iPhone

Do you currently own a blog? Do you want increase your income by 50% in only a couple of months? Who wouldn’t, right? Here’s my method for improving those profits – buying an iPhone.

You Think I’m Crazy?

I used to have an old phone that could make phone calls and had limited texts. There was absolutely no data, which meant no Internet. Guess how often I used it for my blogging business? I used it a total of zero times. Sure, it was cheap, but it wasn’t an asset to my business at all.

The Cost of the iPhone

My old phone cost me about $40 a month, which wasn’t too bad at all, but remember, I could only use it for phone calls and texts. I bought an iPhone almost a year ago, and it was purely to congratulate myself for a job well-done on my blog. I really didn’t think of it as a tool to grow my blog at the time. But, for about $80 a month ($40 more dollars than my old plan), I’d say that it’s allowed me to earn an extra $1,000 a month, which is clearly worth the investment.

What Are The Benefits?

Given all the apps that are available with the iPhone, there are probably thousands of benefits to owning one for your business, but let’s ignore those for now. For all of you non-techies, I can show you what an iPhone can do for your business with just the basics of the device!

  • Check/Send Email Efficiently – Responding to emails is so important when it comes to blogging. If you receive an email from a potential advertiser, it is in your best interest to respond to that advertiser immediately. Not only will they be impressed with your prompt response and give you an ad deal, they might also give you future deals because of how easy it was to work with you! Having email on your phone is a great asset in this area.
  • Track Your Adsense and Analytics – Checking your web stats and income is quite important, and it’s easy to do when you’re on the go. I have a webpage on my iPhone that’s dedicated to Adsense. This way I can quickly click “refresh” each day and know exactly how much I made in the day prior. A day-to-day analysis of my earnings is important to improving in the future, especially when you make a change to your set-up.
  • View Your Site Often – Create another page on your iPhone for your website. Here, you can quickly see if your site is up and running, and you can check to see if any additional comments were added to your articles. Responding to comments is important and can be done quickly and effortlessly with your iPhone.
  • Catch Mistakes Early – I’ve discovered a few mistakes with my iPhone already, and could quickly correct them before too many people noticed.
  • Easily Tweet and Update Facebook – Your site will grow large if you take the time to update your social media. This is easy to do when you’re on the go with your iPhone.

By using your iPhone, you could really improve the personal touch of your website. Rather than waiting an entire day to update your site or respond to comments, you can respond immediately, which will prompt many of your readers to return for another great experience!

I completely underestimated this tool when I first got my iPhone, but since then, my blog has just exploded because of the minor details I mentioned above. If you are earning a modest amount with your blog currently, maybe it’s time to take the next step and purchase a smart-phone!

Do you currently have an iPhone. Do you believe that it could help your blogging business?

– View your site often – make sure it’s up, check to see if there are new comments that you need to respond to.

 – Catch mistakes early before the masses know about it – access WordPress for a quick change

– See how your site responds with a mobile device

– easy tweet and facebook updates – keep an active community

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10 Responses to Want to Explode Your Blog Earnings? Buy an iPhone

  1. I just got a smartphone yesterday and am hpoing it will help like you say. This is my first comment on my smartphone so feel special!

    • Derek says:

      I AM honored! :) Good luck with your new smartphone – I know you’ll love it. I’m ready to see your blog explode! :)

  2. CollegeBoy says:

    I have had a smartphone since the first iPhone came out. I think it’s great because when looking after several websites it’s easier to keep an eye on email and twitter work. I’m sure when I reply quickly to emails with my phone the other person is really quite shocked for the quick response.
    I agree with you it’s a time saver but where a blog would explode, I don’t see.

    • Derek says:

      I’ve had it many times where an advertiser was impressed with the speed of my response and actions that they continually keep coming back with more deals. After all, it saves them time and effort to work with me instead of someone else. They WANT to work with me. That is the huge difference. Suddenly, 1 deal becomes 10. :)

  3. I totally agree with this- not only can you keep in touch with people during downtime you can’t avoid (lines at the post office, waiting for the train, etc.) but it makes that contact even easier. I love being able to update my Facebook Fan page for the blog with pictures while I’m out and about…when I’m unable to update the blog, people can still get updates from me via Twitter or Facebook, turning vacation time into increased engagement!

  4. The latest Android phones aren’t so bad, either.

    • Derek says:

      True. If it has internet, then it’s already 10 times more useful than a regular phone with only call and text capability.

  5. I use a blackberry and it does the same thing.

    • Derek says:

      It does, but it seems like they are so much more limited! My wife has one and she constantly threatens to just throw it in the garbage! 😉