Using Twitter to Increase Traffic

Becoming a successful blogger means increasing your traffic. While it is possible to manipulate other blogging statistics, traffic is often a sign of popularity and success. There are many ways to increase your traffic, but social media sites are often overlooked in this discussion.

Instead, there is often a lot of focus on SEO or trying to include keywords, create a number of links, and increase the likelihood that others will find you when searching for key phrases. Unfortunately, this means that quality is not emphasized. As we have already discussed, quality is always important. As it turns out, a few months ago I was looking at ways to increase my traffic and discovered that I was missing out on traffic from social media.

How to Increase your Traffic with Twitter

For those who are not familiar with twitter, it can be a huge waste of time. Twitter is a great place to find news as it happens. Whether it’s updates from your local police department or the latest professional sports rumors, it all happens within seconds. As a result of which, if you are trying to use twitter to increase your traffic, you may be tempted to spend more time on it than is productive. As a general rule, the more time you spend on something, the better results you will see. This isn’t the case with twitter. There is a ceiling to your time investment.

I knew I couldn’t afford to spend more than a few minutes a day on twitter, but realized if I want to increase my traffic, twitter is a great place to get it from. People are sitting on twitter for hours and I might as well use that to my advantage. As a result, I started tweeting and engaging in conversations. This was a lot of fun, but it wasn’t producing any significant results.

Plan two. I decided to give automation a try. I know that a lot of people and companies use computer programs to automate most of the twitter functions to minimize the time investments. One on hand, who can blame them, right? Our society emphasizes efficiency. On the other hand, I HATE SPAM. The last thing that I wanted to do is to appear like ‘all those other people’.

Yet, I went for it. I installed the ‘Tweet Old Post‘ plugin for WordPress. For those who don’t know – it takes your old posts and tweets them. You can customize the format a little and even include a standard introduction. I kept it simple. Despite my reluctance, I saw great results. In the first day, I saw 10 visits from twitter. These numbers continued. For no extra time invested, I can generate an additional 20 pageviews per day. It may not seem significant, but I am just scratching the surface.

Why Does it Work?

I know many of you are asking, why it works this easily. Why would installing a plugin automatically generate more traffic for me. While I don’t know for sure, I have a couple theories:

  1. I am linking to quality articles. Almost every article that I publish is either intended to help others find important information or something personal and interesting about myself. It’s not like I am spamming them.
  2. People want to visit my site, they just need a reminder. Using the internet is quite popular these days. Heck, we get the internet on our phones because we want to have access all the time. With that said, much of our lives is spent online. People don’t have enough to do with their time, so if you suggest them to visit your site (and it’s reasonably interesting), odds are that they will visit. It’s that simple.
  3. People have to be on Twitter at the time of the tweet – Because people traditionally follow hundreds of other people on twitter, their feeds fill up fast. That means that someone has to be on twitter (or has notices set up)   at the same time as my tweet to see the link to my my most recent post. Otherwise, it gets buried. With tweeting more frequently, I increase my odds of people seeing it. As I get more followers, I believe that my traffic will continue to increase without any extra time invested.
  4. Combination of Automation and Authentic Use – I have another theory that even the best tools of automation annoy users. Because I interact with other people on twitter (and am not just a robot), it keeps me from annoying people. Therefore, they are more willing to visit my site.

While there are many other tips and tools with twitter to increase you traffic, this should give you a basic idea of how to get started.

Have you optimized twitter to increase traffic to your site?

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4 Responses to Using Twitter to Increase Traffic

  1. I have not yet optimized it but I am beginning to use it. I have seen a few visits from twitter a day so that is promising. I am considering using that plugin so thanks for the review.

    • Derek says:

      Yep, Twitter is definitely helpful when it comes to building traffic! I think we’ve all seen the benefit it can bring.

  2. I think Twitter is a great tool for driving traffic, but also for engaging your audience.

    While I don’t use Tweet Old Post, I do go back in my archives and revive an old article every now and then!