Should You Hire Staff Writers?

Time has been really busy for me lately. I know that a lot of bloggers face this same dilemma and struggle to keep up with everything. I absolutely love blogging, but I also manage several blogs and I am beginning to think that no one can keep up with 6-7 blogs at once, regardless of how much they enjoy it.

One of the options that I have been considering is hiring more staff writers. I currently have one on my main site and two that write for another established blog. After employing several writers for months now, I understand that hiring staff writers has many advantages and disadvantages. One should always consider the pros and cons when deciding what is best for their blog.

Advantages of Hiring a Staff Writer

Many people assume that hiring a staff writer is for the sole sake of freeing up time. While this may be the primary motivation for most blog owners, there are many other advantages to hiring a staff writer.

  • Authoritative Voice – Sometimes you have to recognize that you do not know a lot about a certain topic. This doesn’t mean that your blog shouldn’t cover this topic, but it does mean that you will have to either hire someone to write about it or do some research. Sometimes even research cannot make up for life experience. Paying someone to write about their experiences can be a great option to include more information.
  • Variety – Have you ever listened to the same radio host too much? Sometimes listening to or reading the same personality over and over gets old fast. A great way to keep your audience entertained is to have different voices on your blog. Hiring staff writers accomplishes this easily and allows you to write about things that you enjoy.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Staff Writer

While hiring a staff writer can add variety and free up time for you to do other things, it can also take away from the blog in several ways:

  • Loss in Quality – Sometimes even the best staff writers do not measure up. If you hire the wrong staff writer, you may receive posts that are sent just to fulfill a requirement. Staff writers don’t have the same level of investment as a blog owner and sometimes this shows in the quality of their writings.
  • Lack of Focus / Identity – Hiring staff writers almost inevitably means that your blog will become less focused about you and more topical. This means that if you have loyal readers that keep up with your blog because they want to learn more about you and your life, you may lose some readership with the introduction of new staff writers. It also makes SEO more difficult as well.
  • Costs Money – Another great thing to point out is that it costs money. Is hiring a staff writer and freeing up time worth the money to you? Or would you rather spend more time to keep it your own?

Answering the question of whether you should hire a staff writer is hardly an easy task. You must evaluate what your true priorities are and what’s the best way to accomplish those goals. For me, I believe that a proper mixture between the blog owner and staff writers is a great way to manage a blog. Even a blog that has all the content coming from staff writers can be successful, but it all depends on your form of success.


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2 Responses to Should You Hire Staff Writers?

  1. Once I get going I am considering adding 2 posts a week by staff writers to increase posting. I wont give up any of my days of normal posting though. Hopefully that is a happy medium.

    • Derek says:

      Sounds like a pretty good plan! Watch out though if your subscribers are sent an email for every new post. If you post too often, they might get annoyed by your “spam” mail. Sorry to leave a negative comment – I just want to see you succeed! Keep up the awesome work!