Reasons to Start a Blog

Have you ever thought about starting a blog? While it may seem like learning a new language (and in many ways it is), it is possible to start a blog even if you don’t know anything about blogging. While we try to simplify the process of starting a blog, it can still be a lot to learn. For that reason, I thought I would cover the many reasons for starting a blog.

Reasons to Start a Blog

Know WHY You are Blogging

Starting a Blog for Money

While most people would say that you should not start blogging for the money, it is a viable option if you are willing to put in the work to get it started. It might not be the most profitable venture, but if you are passionate about blogging, this may the thing for you. You may want to consider that it takes a while to start earning money from blogging first, but realize that you can earn money.

Start a Blog for Enjoyment

Many of us want to develop hobbies. Some people like to sew, others like to play a sport, and some of us like to share our thoughts with others. If you are one of the latter, blogging may be a viable option. Blogging is an increasingly popular space in the internet. Not only are more bloggers being recognized by major media, but are creating quite the following.

Starting a Blog for Change

Other people start a blog to change the world, in their own small way. Many personal finance bloggers started their blogs as a way to provide important information for others. I know when I started 20’s Finances, I wanted to help other young adults manage their money. I know this is still one of the reasons I continue that blog. Because blogging is becoming more influential, the ability to change the world is increasing as well. Blogging also offers a unique perspective to education. It reminds the reader that all information is contextual. There is no simple truth that is separated from someone’s story.

Starting a blog is a task that can be motivated by multiple things. I know that part of what inspires me to success is the idea that I can one day earn a living from my blogs. It’s not my primary motivation, but it does impact why I do what I do. If you are thinking about starting a blog, make sure to think through WHY you want to do it as that will shape how you approach it.

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3 Responses to Reasons to Start a Blog

  1. I started my blog to help others while providing a side business for myself to make some money from and keep me busy. I think I have started out strong and I hope the success continues. It has been a blast but the hourly return rate has been horrible as expected!

  2. I needed a new challenge and wanted to keep myself on track financially. Hopefully people can learn from what I’ve done the right and wrong ways. Not sure if it will ever turn a profit, but maybe can cover basic costs at some point.

  3. I started my blog because I realized that other blogs were helping me get my financial mess together, I also realized that I needed an outlet…. and that there are so many others like me. That’s who I write for, the people like me. I never once thought I was starting a blog to make money. Interesting avenue though.