Importance of Selecting The Right WordPress Theme

Awhile back, I learned an important lesson – the importance of selecting the right theme for your site.  This is important for many reasons but most importantly for your SEO and PR metrics!  Not getting a lot of traffic from search engines?  Perhaps this could be the answer.


Do you think your site is error free?  You might be surprised what you find here.  This is an essential exercise to conduct before selecting any theme for your site.  I know I won’t ever use another theme for my site unless it passes this test.

Were you surprised how many errors your site has after running this test?  I know I was.  Some of these errors can hinder your SEO which in turn can affect your PR.  Having lower traffic is thought to be directly correlated to PR.


Popular paid themes are Thesis and Genesis.  Many people claim they switch to these themes for the SEO benefits.  I have heard this time and time again.  The saying you get what you pay for holds true in both cases.  Thesis and Genesis are properly coded themes and therefore benefit from many SEO attributes!


Some themes are easy on the eye but poorly coded on the back-end. Search engines have an easier time reading valid HTML code.  This can drastically affect the success of your site.  If you haven’t done so already, take the time to see what this test says about your site, you might thank yourself later.

Are you happy with your theme? Have you found a free theme that is properly coded and great with SEO? Let us know your thoughts below.

Guest Post Author Bio: Mary blogs at World of Finance where she strives to help people learn how to make managing their money easy.  With a background in finance, she created World of Finance to build a community of people that want to turn their finances around and achieve their financial goals one step at a time. You can follow World of Finance on Twitter @wofbiz

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9 Responses to Importance of Selecting The Right WordPress Theme

  1. Thank you – this is really informative! I have so much to learn :)

  2. I had a free theme, but it was really slow. As a result, I moved to Thesis and I am extremely happy with it!

  3. Cash Flow Mantra says:

    I put in Google at the validator and found 34 errors. Got a kick out of that.

  4. I use builder which is like thesis and it works great.

  5. Hey There,

    I’ve always gone through the trouble of bringing my themes back into validation, but I got tired of it every time I changed my sites look, so I ended up switching to Genesis, and I haven’t looked back since. It has definitely been worth the money!


  6. Interesting…my blog site passed, but has 34 error like CFM said.