Implement Affiliate Advertising For Online Money

Do you currently own and operate a blog of your own? Are you looking to make some real online money from your efforts? Did you know that most of the websites that are earning thousands of dollars each month often have an affiliate marketing focus? It’s true, so why wouldn’t you do the same?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

I’m sure you’ve heard of affiliate marketing before, but what does it really mean? In its most basic form, affiliate marketing is the promotion of a product that only earns the host site money if a purchase is made. In other words, a site might promote a product with a 125×125 sidebar widget, but unless someone clicks on that widget and makes a purchase on the advertising site, no money is made for the site that was hosting the widget.

As a general rule of thumb, only the sites with a large amount of visitors focus on affiliate advertising, because if only 100 people know that your site exists, then maybe only 5 will be clicking on your affiliate links, and if only 5 visitors click the links, then there are most likely not going to be any purchases of the affiliate products!

If, however, there are 100,000 people on your site every day, then there might be 5,000-10,000 individuals clicking on your affiliate links which leads to over 1,000 sales at $5 a piece. That’s $5,000 in your pocket every day! Affiliate marketing can generate some massive online money for a high-volume site!

Affiliate Marketing Means Unlimited Earnings

The best benefit of affiliate marketing is the unlimited earnings potential! Some sites focus on direct ads to earn their income, which isn’t a bad thing, but when an advertiser promises you $500 a year to put their ad up, you have no option to make more money than that! It’s a set rate, and you’re locked in for an entire year! With affiliate marketing, there’s a chance that you’ll earn less than that guaranteed $500, but what if your sales skyrocket? You could earn $1,000, or maybe $10,000, or perhaps you could make $100,000!! There is no ceiling on your earnings!

You Must Have the Trust of Your Readers

Your site might have a ton of traffic, but if your readers do not trust your recommendation, you’ll only earn pennies from your affiliate ads. Internet users today are not dumb, and there are many resources available at their fingertips. If you’re promoting a bogus product, they know it, and they will steer clear of your site for the rest of their lives.

Before suggesting that your readers click on your affiliate links, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve been upfront and honest since the inception of your blog. If you’re going to make money from your recommendation, let them know it! Suddenly, they’ll be less inclined to question your motives and they’ll almost jump at the chance to help you out. It’s amazing how much the reader’s mood can change when you’re completely transparent about your recommendations!

Your Ads Should Relate Closely With Your Site’s Focus

If your website is all about motor oil, how well do you think an affiliate ad about kids toys will do? I’m going to go out on the limb and assume that it would do terribly! Obviously this is a ridiculous example, but in order to do well with affiliate links, they need to relate very closely with the interest of your readers.

Implement Various Levels of Affiliate Ads

Everyone has different interests, and everyone spends money differently. That’s why it’s important to have affiliate links with different price points. For example, you might want to offer an affiliate product that’s free to your readers, another that might cost $10 or $20, and yet another that would cost $50 or more.

By having various price points with your affiliate links, you’ll capture the interest of a larger audience, which will increase your sales potential, and thereby maximize your potential profits. Once you establish yourself with affiliate advertisements, money should keep coming in without additional effort.

Are you ready to try out some affiliate links? Tear down that income ceiling and maximize the profits from your site!

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  1. I do utilize affiliate advertising on my site and it works okay!

  2. Jonny says:

    Hi Admin, Jonny aka (Avik) here..

    I am interested to put the affiliate banner in my blog rather I have your badge in my site.

    Let me know what to do.

    Happy weekend