How to Increase Your Subscriber Numbers

When you’re a first time blogger and you’re just starting out, one of the hardest numbers to improve on is your subscriber numbers. I remember when I first started my blog. Within a couple of months, I had 11 subscribers, and that’s pretty much where it stayed for a few months because that was the extent of my friends and family…. nobody else thought my site was good enough to subscribe to it apparently. So, how can you possibly increase your subscriber numbers?

How Did I Increase My Subscriber Numbers?

Obviously, it wasn’t acceptable to have only 11 subscribers for the rest of my blogging career. In order to continually attract subscribers, it works best to have a solid base of subscribers so that your site appears worthwhile (and hopefully, it is). So, let’s take a look at a few ways to get yourself those subscribers.

Quality Content

Writing quality content most likely won’t flood your site with subscribers, but it certainly won’t hurt. If someone continually checks your site because they like what they’ve been reading, they typically end up subscribing. So, string together some quality articles and you should see your subscriber numbers start to increase.


In addition to having quality content, it also helps to have an incentive for subscribing. This could be some free tools (like some pre-made forms or calculations) or a free eBook. Currently, I offer a free eBook titled, “101 Ways to Make More Money“. Subscribing is free and then you get your free eBook! I have really seen it make a difference with my site. Offer an incentive on yours and you should see the same result.

Ask the Reader to Subscribe

It’s pretty simple, but I’ve noticed that it’s quite effective. When you have a statement at the beginning or at the end of your post, suggesting that the reader subscribe to your site, often times, they’ll ablidge and do just that! All you had to do was ask! If you’d like to automate this feature, check out the plugin, “What Would Seth Godin Do”.

Host a Giveaway

This is by far the easiest way to get new subscribers to your site. Offer to giveaway a prize of some sort to one of the lucky winners that enters. All the reader has to do is subscribe to your site to enter. This will ramp up your subscriber numbers for sure, but if you don’t have quality content, there’s no doubt that your numbers will drop once the giveaway period is over.

Hold Onto Those Subscribers

Your subscribers are important. If they have a good experience with your site, they’ll be an integral part of its growth. If, however, they do not enjoy your site and its mission, they can negatively impact its growth.

Subscribers also have monetary value. If your site has 10,000 subscribers, it has more value than a site that has only 100 subscribers. I know of a site that had about 100,000 subscribers and the blog was sold for over $1 million! Typically, the experts say that each subscriber is worth about $3. Continually increase the subscriber numbers on your site, and you’ll also increase its value.

Are you currently trying to increase the number of subscribers on your site? How do you plan to do it?

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5 Responses to How to Increase Your Subscriber Numbers

  1. Great tips. I found a giveaway to work pretty well. It was odd though. I didn’t focus on it for a long time and my count has gone up quite a bit lately.

    • Derek says:

      After a while, the quality content tends to pick up more subscribers, but yes, the real boost comes with a giveaway. :) We’ll see if I can make my goal of 1,154 subscribers by the end of this month!

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  3. I’m participating in the Yakezie Challenge and my goal to get my Alexa ranking to 200,000 is coming up in June and I’m at 460,000. My subscribers have gone from 7 to 28 since hosting a cookbook giveaway, but the area I’ve been slacking in is getting involved with the Yakezie community. I love writing material for my site, but I’ve been picking up so many days at the hospital that it’s all I’ve had time to do. I’ve started receiving emails from people asking to do guests posts and also contacting me about advertising but I don’t know how to approach this since some seem sketchy. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  4. Thanks for listing that plugin. I never know which ones do what and seem to never have time to research them. I also want to join the Yakezie challenge as soon as my rss error is fixed. Thanks for your suggestions.