How To Earn Online Money After The Google Smackdown

Google just has a way of raining on a blogger’s parade don’t they? Let’s take a little trip down memory lane. Yes, I know it may be painful, but sometimes it’s essential to understand the past in order to succeed in the future.

A little over a year ago, Google Panda made an entrance and left many niche bloggers devastated! Incomes of $5,000+/month dropped to $300 overnight! Suddenly, it was incredibly important to have up-to-date articles that showed relevance to your central topic. If you did not, you quickly slid down to page 10 in the Google Search, rather than landing on the first page like you had been used to. With the reduced traffic, your online money took a huge hit as well.

More recently, there was the update to Google’s link algorithm. With the click of a button, many page ranks went from 3 or 4 down to a zero – all because Google felt like some sites were selling too many links, and didn’t have enough natural linking to warrant their page rank. This took incomes from $2,000+ per month down to nearly zero, because advertisers no longer wanted to deal with a PR zero site, nor did they want to risk the credibility of their own site.

So What Now?

While many bloggers are left dazed and confused, the overall mission of a website or blog really hasn’t changed. There are just fewer shortcuts to earn money today than in the recent past. Strive for these goals below, and you’ll find yourself earning more money than ever before, even after Google’s smackdowns.

  1. Write Strong Content – the absolute best way to get noticed on the web is to write about something that either 100% unique in content or quality. In other words, write about something that’s different than everyone else (but is still semi-popular), or write with such a high quality that you create a buzz among the social media.
  2. Build Your Subscriber and Visitor Numbers – With quality content, this should really happen naturally, but perhaps you want to offer some free material to attract an even greater number of individuals. A free eBook for all of your subscribers is often a great incentive. Then, not only will you increase your subscriber numbers (which increases the value of your site), but you also improve the odds of a referral to your site.
  3. Advertise – Take note this list by telling you to set up an advertisement. You’ll need quality content and a large visitor base before making decent money these days. Once you do this, your main advertising focus should be with affiliate ads (these pay only if the product is purchased), CPC ads (these pay per click), and CPM ads (that pay per thousand impressions). Don’t even try to make money with in-content links or direct ads. This is a money-maker of the past.
  4. Keep Your Content Current – If you don’t continually write new content, your earnings will soon be gone with the wind. You won’t rank well in the search engine results, and you won’t get as much attention from readers either. Continued quality content is key.

How Many Visitors Do I Need to Make Decent Money?

Based on my experience, it takes at least 1,000 visitors a day to make decent money with affiliate advertising. For every 1,000 visitors, there will most likely only be 10 that click on your ad, and of those, you’d be lucky if one of them makes a purchase, which would leave you with $50 or so. Compile these results over the course of 30 days and you could be earning about $1,500, which is what I consider to be decent money. It’s definitely not easy, but once you build up your site and start to see some consistent visitor numbers, making online money just gets easier and easier.

Are you on the road to earning a solid income with your website? What do you need to focus on?

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6 Responses to How To Earn Online Money After The Google Smackdown

  1. Excellent article. I have only been blogging since mid Februrary so I wasn’t effected by Google’s changes, however, I am learning in this atmosphere and believe it to be essential to understand their habits in the past in order to plan accordingly for the future. I did recently quit using AdSense, what seems to be the best alternative to adsense that you have found?

    • Derek says:

      Hi Jeremiah – I actually still use Adsense and it’s still working quite well for me (just last month I made $111.15 with my main site). I have heard that other bloggers have switched to It’s a little different in terms of how the money is earned, but some have done very well with it. It’s worth a shot!

  2. nandurbar says:

    Nice post,….

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