How Long Does It Take to Make Money Blogging?

The world of blogging sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Start a site, write some content, and watch the money roll in, right? Ummm, not quite. Most people have this mentality, and to be honest, I did too! All my life, everything has been easy for me: sports, academics, and even the working world; so why would blogging be any different?

After 3 solid months of blogging, there were about 15 people in the world that knew my blog existed, and 14 of those were my family and friends! It doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult to attract a couple thousand people to a site each day, especially since there are 6 billion people in this world. Nevertheless, blogging proved way more difficult than I ever imagined.

So How Long Does It Take?

If you are 100% committed to writing at least 1 article every other day, reaching out with social networking sites, and commenting on hundreds of similar sites, you might just have a chance at making some money.

In the first month, don’t expect to make a penny. You’d be lucky if you attract a few readers that weren’t directly related to you.

In month number two, somebody might click on one of your Adsense ads and net you $0.13. Expect more of the same from months 3-6.

If you write consistantly and participate in forums and on other sites, you’ll most likely see your visitor numbers start to rise. And, with more visitors comes more money. To be honest though, you probably shouldn’t expect much cash before month number 12.

I’d say if you make it past a year (and to be honest, many people quit long before this milestone) and you’ve been consistent, you’re likely to succeed as a blogger. Incomes of $1,000 or more are not unheard of for a single site. If you’re able to manage 4 or 5 sites, you might be able to earn a $60,000/yr. income! It’s entirely possible!

Do You Have the Skills For Blogging?

So I just wrote quite a few paragraphs regarding the length of time it might take to succeed as a blogger, but to be completely honest, if you don’t have the skills for blogging, you might never succeed!

If you absolutely hate writing and failed your way through your college English classes, then blogging almost certainly is not for you! No matter how many posts you put up on your site, no one will want to read them!

On a similar note, if you decide to write about scuba diving, but you’ve never took a dive in your entire life, then chances are that you won’t be very successful in this medium either.

Before you decide to devote 6 months into a new blog, take a look at your skill set and be honest with yourself. Sure, it’s fun to make money blogging, but if you’re not going to enjoy it and you feel that your strengths do not reside in writing, find another money-maker. There are plenty of opportunities out there!

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2 Responses to How Long Does It Take to Make Money Blogging?

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  2. Andy says:

    Thanks for the encouraging post. I was just wondering how much time passes before most people see any ‘profits’ at all. I am pushing hard to make it to the year mark as you say.