Headway WordPress Theme Review

It’s been several months since I started using Headway for my first blog. Since that point, I have installed it on almost all of my websites and I couldn’t be happier. While I always try to find a way to highlight the positives and negatives of a product when doing a review, this one will be a little lopsided. The truth is that I can’t think of one negative aspect of Headway. It is simply that good. While I will give you as many details as you can probably handle, here’s what it comes down to:

For those of you who are considering upgrading to a premium theme for your website or blog, you absolutely need to purchase and install the Headway Theme.


About Headway Theme

The Headway WordPress Theme is a powerful piece of software. It doesn’t just provide a professional look for your website, but has a built in interface to customize as much as you would like. This is beneficial because you can easily avoid looking like every other website out there. (This is one of the drawbacks to one of Headway’s competitors, Thesis. Although I have heard many great things, Thesis sites in my opinion, all look alike). Having a unique appearance is important for building your website’s brand.

While customization is important, it’s nothing without the ability to set it up yourself. This is one of Headway’s strengths. Headway comes with a visual editor where you can literally drag and drop different aspects of your site. It is extremely user-friendly and offers advanced features for those who know a little more than the average user. What I like best about it is the ability for me to do advanced stuff without knowing all of the formatting. I don’t know the first thing about CSS formatting or even how to do it, but with Headway, I have successfully learned how to integrate custom CSS features on my sites to make them more professional. Here’s a great example below:

One of the places where Headway offers advanced customization is with the feature known as “Live CSS.” It allows you to add in parts of code without having to manually create a style sheet. Below is a screen shot of the visual editor mode for this website. I have clicked on the live css button on the side and it pulls up a box where I can put in my custom code. As you can see below, I have used this feature to manually change the background color of the navigation bar.

Click on the Image for a Larger View






Benefits of Headway

In case you are not already sold, here is a list of the benefits of Headway:

  • Professional and Custom Look
  • Easy to Use Visual Editor (drag and drop interface)
  • Integrated SEO (no need for a SEO plugin)
  • Comprehensive Support Forums
  • Access to New Editions
  • Access to Child Themes with certain packages

To summarize, Headway has been a great theme to work with. I regret not buying a premium theme earlier and I don’t see myself ever using anything different. Don’t waste your time trying to find the best free theme. Spend the money and buy Headway. You won’t regret it.

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One Response to Headway WordPress Theme Review

  1. A professional theme is important I feel. I paid a designer to redesign my blog and it now looks 100x more professional and 100x better. I think my new design has me set up for long term success.