Google Page Rank Can Make or Break Your Website

With the highly anticipated Google Page Rank update coming up (many of us suspect that it’s coming in just a couple of days), there are quite a few people that are scrambling to fill their site with content, set up their sitemaps, and get as many quality links into their site as possible!

Is this moment really that important? I mean, what if you are awarded with a PR of zero instead of a three. Will it really hurt you that much? As long as you’ve got readers visiting your site, then advertisers should still want to deal with you right? I wish I could say, “right”, but I just can’t. Having a bad Google PR can be downright devastating.

How Do Advertisers Value Your Site If You Don’t Have a PR?

Unfortunately for advertisers, there’s really not a great method for them to know how many eyeballs are landing on your site each month – especially when you have a PR of 0.


There’s a metric out there called that gives a rough estimate of how many unique visitors are looking at a particular site. As it’s stated on their website though, it’s most definitely a rough estimate.

For one of my top websites, Life And My Finances, estimates that in the month of December, I had 1,228 unique views. Based on my Google Analytics, that “rough estimate” is severely understated (by over 500%)! If you are without a page rank, this is one of the metrics that advertisers are going to use to decide if they’re going to do business with you or not. I smell trouble for you already…


Alexa is another tool that advertisers sometimes use to estimate the amount of visitors you have coming to your site. However, there is a major flaw when it comes to the infamous “Alexa Rank”. The only visits that count are from those who have the Alexa toolbar installed. Well that’s fabulous if my site appeals to other web masters out there, but what if my site is all about fishing? Most of my visitors aren’t going to have an Alexa Toolbar, which means that even though I might have a ton of readers, my Alexa Rank is going to be terrible!


Almost every site has Feedburner set up so that reoccurring visitors can subscribe to their website. For those of us that have a healthy number of subscribers, we display the number proudly on our sidebar – mainly to show others that our site has value, which should make them more inclined to subscribe themselves.

Occasionally, advertisers will take note of your subscribers, but it’s way down on the list of the things that are important to them. After all, you might have a ton of people that get your posts through email, but they never visit your site! That means that their ad will never even get looked at!

So What If You Do Have a Page Rank?

It seems like when your website receives a Page Rank from Google, none of the other factors really matter. I’ve already had it where an advertiser told me they have a certain rate for each ad – and it’s entirely dependant on the Page Rank!

Google really has all the power when it comes down to it. If they decide that your site is no longer worthy of a Page Rank, even though you used to be a PR4, your earnings will plummet from $20,000/year down to a couple thousand.

How to Earn A Valuable Page Rank

Since Google wants to keep their master calculation a secret, no one really knows the exact formula to achieving an amazing Page Rank. But, based on the facts and figures of the sites that do have a rank, we have a pretty good idea of what’s important to Google.

 1) Inbound Links – According to all the experts, this is hands-down the most important factor when it comes to the PR. It only makes sense though, right? After all, if there are no other sites that mention yours, chances are that very few people know it’s even in existence, which, in turn, means that it most likely has very little value. This site would most definitely earn a Page Rank of 0.

If, however, your site has 1,000 other websites linking to it, chances are that you’ve got something going on and most likely deserve a page rank.

Quality of Links

Now, if you have the site with 1,000 links coming in, you might be pretty stoked, but you may still deserve a PR zero. Before you go ape crazy on me, let me explain. It’s not always about the quantity of links – it’s the quality as well. Let’s change up the scenario a bit and say that each of those 1,000 links are from sites that are a PR6 or above. Now you’ve most definitely got something going on and will earn a high PR as well.

2) Quality Posts – You’ve probably heard this again and again, but it’s absolutely true! If you write consistent, quality content, then Google will eventually reward you with a Page Rank (as long as people are reading your posts anyway).

3) Let Google Know Your Site is Alive – The big G is pretty smart, and they’ll most likely find your new site within the first couple weeks, but if you are itching to get a PR, then I would suggest registering your site with Google right away. You may also want to install a Sitemap plug-in that makes it easy for Google to crawl your pages. The more visible you make your site, the more likely it will be that you’ll get your rank.

There are plenty of other tips out there for earning a high PR. What else do you think is important to do?

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32 Responses to Google Page Rank Can Make or Break Your Website

  1. Oren says:

    This was very helpful. Thanks. I will have to find a plugin to install

  2. Great overview. I know I’ve learned firsthand how important that PR number is :/

  3. You have to remember that Compete is a metric for advertisers to use – so it will always underestimate so that advertisers have leverage in negotiating advertisements.

  4. This post is pretty spot on, Derek. Compete is pretty badly inaccurate for me, too. 😉

    • Derek says:

      Glad you liked it IIW! Why can’t Compete ever overestimate the numbers?? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it happen…. 😉

  5. I am curious to see what will come of the new PR update. The important thing is to keep adding quality content and eventually, your site will be rewarded.

  6. Andrea says:

    Great post, I’ve learned so much about PR these past three months…. last fall I had no idea what a PR was!

  7. Now I’m nervous. Google tells us not to be concerned with PR, but we know better. I wonder if MozRank will become more important.

  8. Aaron Hung says:

    Watching out for PR is fun and keeps me motivated but I’ll admit I’m nervous too about this one 😀

  9. Thanks for sharing the info. This is a very useful link and once I have more experience under my belt I’ll join the challenge!

    • Derek says:

      Glad you enjoyed the article! We encourage everyone to take this challenge and let us know the results! We are currently only tracking 30 challengers at a time though. Best of luck to you!

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  12. Dude you missed the biggest ones. Domain authority and Page authority. Advertisers are no longer looking at page rank. Page rank is only important for SEO, not advertisement.

    Its time bloggers start learning the difference.

  13. Is something coming now? I have no idea. Should be fun, or not!

    I’d rather have a Pagerank 4 with WiseBread’s traffic, than a Pagerank 5 with traffic 1/10th and many times 1/20th the size.

    PR is just one small bit. I like mozRank and traffic b/c PR is a means to an end…. traffic!

    Best, Sam

    • Derek says:

      It actually just came yesterday! Some of us are happy, and others are not, but either way I hope it forces us to work harder!

  14. malia says:

    thanks for the info! I need to increase my page rank.

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  16. petualangweb says:

    thanks it’s really help me to get knowledge

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  19. Sunil kumar says:

    Even i believe PR is important to sustain in market . But i really don’t like alexa’s calculation parameter . It sucks :\

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  21.  bangla news 24 says:

    Here some nice tips regarding how to increase websites page rank. I am really happy to get such nice tips and I will try my best to implement it to increase page rank of my website. Thanks a lot.

  22. nice post i have 500 dofllow back links and i get 5 pagerank