Four Tips to Increase Traffic for a Beginner

This past week, a friend from college approached me with some basic questions about starting a blog. I decided to give her some much-needed advice, not only about monetization strategies, but also about how to increase her traffic. While I may not be the best at significantly increasing my traffic myself, I do know what it takes. I thought I would share my four tips that I gave her about how to increase your traffic. These tips may just help someone else.

1 – Write great content consistently 

This usually means something over 750 words in my niche, but it may differ from one niche to another. The important thing is whether people would find what you are writing valuable enough to share with others. You might want to consider guest posting. This means to find another larger site in your niche, pitch an article idea to them, and then write the article for them, with a link to your site in the author byline. If it’s well-written and valuable enough, that site’s readers will jump over to your site to see what it’s all about and you could increase your followers by a lot.

2 – Social Media

I would also consider starting a Facebook page for your site, where you can promote your site do other things to engage your audience. I’m not the best at this, but it is worthwhile. I would also think that many of your articles on farming, justice, or simple living would be a great way to use creative pictures and then post them on pinterest. I know of one mom blogger who gets thousands, if not tens of thousands of visitors a month from pinterest.

3 – Major News

You might also consider, although you would have to decide whether you feel comfortable with this, trying to be featured on some major news outlets. One small step would be to sign up for the HARO system (help a reporter out), and you’ll receive regular requests from reporters writing different stories. You can ignore them, or you can pitch the reporter your story and thoughts on the subject, making mention of your site. If the reporter runs with your story/thoughts, you will likely get a mention to your blog.

4 – Email Newsletter

Lastly, also consider some sort of an email newsletter or rss feed, so that your loyal readers can sign up and then get an email alert when there is a new post. This is a great way to encourage returning visitors (and to sell them stuff later). You could try, but I’ve heard rumors of it shutting down – and it’s not an email marketing software. I use Aweber for about $20 month, but I probably wouldn’t recommend that to you just yet as it would take a while for it to pay off – unless you are really serious about making it work one way or another and are willing to invest your own money into it.

Those are my four tips. I hope they help someone else starting a blog of their own.

Readers, what other tips do you have?

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