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How to Obtain Quality Links to Your Site

If you are wanting to become a serious blogger, one of the most important aspects of building up your website is to work on creating natural, quality links that are directed toward your site from other sites. Having more high-quality links to your site will not only increase your site’s rankings (like Google’s pagerank, Mozrank, etc) as well as increase your Search Engine Optimization. While I could summarize the major benefits of links coming into your site, suffice it to say that the more people who are referencing you as a source of information the more credible and popular site your site will become. Continue reading Continue Reading

How to Make Money With Google Adsense

How to Make Money With Google Adsense

If you are just starting a blog or are thinking about starting a blog, I bet you’re licking your chops with visions of making the big bucks with Google Adsense! When I first started blogging, I thought that Google AdsenseContinue Reading

Importance of Selecting The Right WordPress Theme

Awhile back, I learned an important lesson – the importance of selecting the right theme for your site. This is important for many reasons but most importantly for your SEO and PR metrics! Not getting a lot of traffic from search engines? Perhaps this could be the answer. Continue reading Continue Reading

SEO 101 for Bloggers

Where does the majority of your traffic come from? If it’s not from search engines, then you’re missing out. Search engines, Google in particular, can be a fire hose of free traffic. You have to design your site and write your posts with the search engines in mind though if you want to stand a chance. Continue reading Continue Reading

Why SEO is Important for Monetization

If you are interested in making more money with your blog, I am sure you are asking yourself what to do next. What is the best thing to focus on in order to earn more money online? While many bloggersContinue Reading

Google Page Rank Can Make or Break Your Website

Google Page Rank Can Make or Break Your Website

With the highly anticipated Google Page Rank update coming up (many of us suspect that it’s coming in just a couple of days), there are quite a few people that are scrambling to fill their site with content, set up theirContinue Reading