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Reasons Not to Pursue Full-Time Blogging

A year ago, I often dreamed of being able to make it as a full-time blogger. Many may say I was young and naive, and perhaps that is right, but I was also seeing a lot of success. In myContinue Reading

Implement Affiliate Advertising For Online Money

Do you currently own and operate a blog of your own? Are you looking to make some real online money from your efforts? Did you know that most of the websites that are earning thousands of dollars each month oftenContinue Reading

Blogging Will Not Make You Rich

Do you have dreams of making thousands of dollars every month with a blog? Or maybe you think you’re idea is so good that you could make tens of thousands of dollars each month? For many, this is simply a fantasy,Continue Reading

Which Blog Topics Have The Best Payout From Google Adsense?

Which Blog Topics Have The Best Payout From Google Adsense?

Whether you’re doing well with your first blog, or not so well, you may be looking for another source of online money. Ever since I started blogging, I’ve heard of people making tens of thousands of dollars each month fromContinue Reading

Have You Ever Thought About Selling Your Site?

Many of you readers currently have websites of your own, and some of you may even have more than one. Since the latest change in the Google algorithm, a lot of us bloggers have seen a reduction in our online money.Continue Reading

How To Earn Online Money After The Google Smackdown

Google just has a way of raining on a blogger’s parade don’t they? Let’s take a little trip down memory lane. Yes, I know it may be painful, but sometimes it’s essential to understand the past in order to succeedContinue Reading

How and Why to Write Quality Content for Your Blog

If you are pressed for time, one of the things that often falls short is the quality of your blog posts. You may just want something for Google to index to keep your site active, but in reality quality content is as important as anything else for your blog (if not more important). After all, if you do all of the tricks in the book to build up a website (i.e. creating backlinks) without having quality content, it will be all for nothing. The bottom line is that there is one common denominator for successful blogs: great content. Find out why writing quality content is crucial for your blog’s success and practical steps to achieve it. Continue reading Continue Reading

Taxes for Online Money Bloggers

For many of us, the transition from blogging as a hobby to blogging as a business was subtle. We made a little money one day and started making money every day since. With revenue there is profit and loss. WithContinue Reading

The Need for Speed – Blogging Edition

The Need for Speed – Blogging Edition

If I wasn’t a blogger, I’d be a car guy – I like to go fast and I like to tinker with stuff.  But since I am a blogger, this means I like my website to load fast, and IContinue Reading

Why SEO is Important for Monetization

If you are interested in making more money with your blog, I am sure you are asking yourself what to do next. What is the best thing to focus on in order to earn more money online? While many bloggersContinue Reading