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Four Different Strategies for Affiliate Income

One of the most profitable forms of making money online is through affiliate sources. Yet, if you have been around the blogosphere for any serious length of time, it can be one of the most challenging forms of income to create. Despite it’s difficulty to produce, it is very sustainable and offers a lot more potential for rapidly increasing your income than other forms of advertising. Continue reading Continue Reading

How Long Does It Take to Make Money Blogging?

The world of blogging sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Start a site, write some content, and watch the money roll in, right? Ummm, not quite. Most people have this mentality, and to be honest, I did too! All my life,Continue Reading

Things to Get Your Blog to the Next Level

If you have been blogging for some time and only seeing mediocre success, you are probably wondering what else you can do to grow your site and make more money online. Sometimes it is hard to know what is important to focus on with the times changing so fast in the online world. What may have worked 6 months ago may not achieve the same results 6 months from now. Times change and so should you. Continue reading Continue Reading

Sometimes You Have to Spend Money to Make Money

Have you ever heard the saying, “It takes money to make money” or “the rich keep getting richer”? While I wholeheartedly believe that money can be made from practically nothing (believe me, I started my blog with only $40, andContinue Reading

The Importance of Consistent Publishing

I have always believed that consistent publishing of fresh, unique content is an incredibly important part of successful blogging. Think of some of the most successful blogs and the amount of content that is generated. Some of the bigger sites out there are publishing three and four posts per day. Now there is even some research which indicates that more content can lead to more traffic which will ultimately lead to greater online earnings. Continue reading Continue Reading

Managing your blog’s finances

Do you know how much you are spending on fees, every year? Do you know how much of your income you actually keep? Do you have a good handle on how many advertisements you have running, and when they expire? If not, then it’s a good time to get a handle on these things! Continue reading Continue Reading

The Need for Speed – Blogging Edition

The Need for Speed – Blogging Edition

If I wasn’t a blogger, I’d be a car guy – I like to go fast and I like to tinker with stuff.  But since I am a blogger, this means I like my website to load fast, and IContinue Reading

Using a schedule to stay focused

Blogging has taken over my life. I wish that was a joke. It’s not. I think I spend more time on blogging and blogging related activities than I do on anything else including sleeping. True story: I was at theContinue Reading

Why Multiple Blogs is Better than One

If you have been around the blogosphere long enough, you have probably heard the term “empire” pretty frequently. For those who haven’t heard the term in this context, it refers to someone’s attempt to have a large online presence byContinue Reading

Why SEO is Important for Monetization

If you are interested in making more money with your blog, I am sure you are asking yourself what to do next. What is the best thing to focus on in order to earn more money online? While many bloggersContinue Reading