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Do You Obsess Over Website Rankings?

If you have been blogging for any decent amount of time, the odds are that you know quite a bit about different website ranking systems. There are quite a few out there to help gauge the progress of your blogContinue Reading

Commenting – How and Why it Can Help Your Blog Grow

As I mentioned last week, one of the several ways that you can network and get your blog noticed is by commenting on other established blogs. Many people under-estimate the power of commenting on other blogs. After all, there has to be better things that you can do with your time than comment on other blogs, right? This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many important elements to commenting on other blogs that help your blog grow. Continue reading Continue Reading

How and Why to Write Quality Content for Your Blog

If you are pressed for time, one of the things that often falls short is the quality of your blog posts. You may just want something for Google to index to keep your site active, but in reality quality content is as important as anything else for your blog (if not more important). After all, if you do all of the tricks in the book to build up a website (i.e. creating backlinks) without having quality content, it will be all for nothing. The bottom line is that there is one common denominator for successful blogs: great content. Find out why writing quality content is crucial for your blog’s success and practical steps to achieve it. Continue reading Continue Reading

The Importance of Consistent Publishing

I have always believed that consistent publishing of fresh, unique content is an incredibly important part of successful blogging. Think of some of the most successful blogs and the amount of content that is generated. Some of the bigger sites out there are publishing three and four posts per day. Now there is even some research which indicates that more content can lead to more traffic which will ultimately lead to greater online earnings. Continue reading Continue Reading

Using Vlogging to Increase Traffic

Vlogging doesn’t have to be complicated! Even if you don’t want to make a vlog a regular feature, you can easily record a welcome video so your readers or new visitors can get to know you a bit better! Additionally, vlogging is a great way to reach out to video learners as an additional modality for interviews, to answer reader question or to tell stories that might be better communicated in a video format. Continue reading Continue Reading