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All of Your Blogging Questions Answered

Have you ever had it where you didn’t know how to do something on your blog, and you simply couldn’t find the answer? Google is a great source for learning new things, but sometimes, no matter how many different searchesContinue Reading

5 Things Not To Waste Your Time On With Your Blog

Do you currently own a blog? How many hours do you put into it each week? 10? 15? 20? 30? Do you feel that you are 100% productive with your time, or do you sometimes feel like all your effortsContinue Reading

How to Increase Your Subscriber Numbers

When you’re a first time blogger and you’re just starting out, one of the hardest numbers to improve on is your subscriber numbers. I remember when I first started my blog. Within a couple of months, I had 11 subscribers,Continue Reading

Implement Affiliate Advertising For Online Money

Do you currently own and operate a blog of your own? Are you looking to make some real online money from your efforts? Did you know that most of the websites that are earning thousands of dollars each month oftenContinue Reading

What is Bounce Rate? And Why is it Important?

If you currently own a blog, you know how distracting stats can be. When I first started out, I probably spent at least 30 minutes a day checking how many visitors I had, did I get any new subscribers, howContinue Reading

How To Create a Fabulous Blog Header For Free

How To Create a Fabulous Blog Header For Free

Do you want people to take your blog seriously? Do you want them to stumble on your site and feel like they’re on a professional webpage? Of course you do! If your website looks like a 5-year old put itContinue Reading

Blogging Will Not Make You Rich

Do you have dreams of making thousands of dollars every month with a blog? Or maybe you think you’re idea is so good that you could make tens of thousands of dollars each month? For many, this is simply a fantasy,Continue Reading

Which Blog Topics Have The Best Payout From Google Adsense?

Which Blog Topics Have The Best Payout From Google Adsense?

Whether you’re doing well with your first blog, or not so well, you may be looking for another source of online money. Ever since I started blogging, I’ve heard of people making tens of thousands of dollars each month fromContinue Reading

Want to Explode Your Blog Earnings? Buy an iPhone

Do you currently own a blog? Do you want increase your income by 50% in only a couple of months? Who wouldn’t, right? Here’s my method for improving those profits – buying an iPhone. You Think I’m Crazy? I usedContinue Reading