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How to Revive a Site: Coming Back to Our Original Dream

How to Revive a Site: Coming Back to Our Original Dream

Blogging, like any other part of life, is a journey. It has its bumps, its challenges. But, on the flip side, it has its ups and positives. There are many times when you feel like all of your work isContinue Reading

How to Effectively Host a Giveaway

While we all like to believe that our quality content and great writing style will be enough to consistently gain more readers, sometimes you need to make a bigger splash to draw attention to your blog. Hosting a giveaway is a great way to accomplish this with very little effort on your part.

While it may seem like giving away any amount of money for practically nothing would be enough to attract enough people, you have to market it well in order to be successful. Do you have a garage sale without an advertisement in the newspaper or fliers in the neighborhood? Absolutely not. Likewise, in order to effectively utilize a giveaway to grow traffic and readership, you have to plan it out. Continue reading Continue Reading

Why Blogging is the Perfect Side Business

If you are looking to make a little extra money, you have a lot of options. You can pick up a second job, working nights and weekends. You can work hard at your current job in order to get a promotion, putting in extra hours and effort. You can try to invest your money and get lucky on a great stock selection, or you can go a different route. You can start your own blog. This offers benefits that any second job cannot match. Continue reading Continue Reading

How to Obtain Quality Links to Your Site

If you are wanting to become a serious blogger, one of the most important aspects of building up your website is to work on creating natural, quality links that are directed toward your site from other sites. Having more high-quality links to your site will not only increase your site’s rankings (like Google’s pagerank, Mozrank, etc) as well as increase your Search Engine Optimization. While I could summarize the major benefits of links coming into your site, suffice it to say that the more people who are referencing you as a source of information the more credible and popular site your site will become. Continue reading Continue Reading

Ways to Improve Your SEO

A couple weeks ago, I realized that I was quite frustrated with my progress with my search engine traffic. I have known the basics of SEO for some time now, so I thought I would be at a different state than I currently am. From the beginning of the year, my traffic was steadily increasing. At the rate I was increasing, I was expecting to have over 30,000 monthly pageviews (on my main site alone) by the end of the calendar year. Then, something happened. I started to see a slight decline in traffic. Find out what I did about it. Continue reading Continue Reading

5 Characteristics of a Successful Blogger

Everyone who starts their own blog wants to be successful. New blogs and websites are started everyday with this aspiration. Yet, very few succeed. Most give up without any hope of continuing to write. No one likes to admit that it is difficult to become a well known blogger, but that’s the truth of it.

What makes someone a successful blogger? Why do some bloggers succeed and others fail? Continue reading Continue Reading

Failed Blogging Experiments: How NOT to Make Online Money

There are many reasons that people start blogging: to help others, to share your thoughts or perspective, to correct a misconception, to develop your writing skills, to create something successful, and last, but certainly not least, to make money. While IContinue Reading

Should You Hire Staff Writers?

Time has been really busy for me lately. I know that a lot of bloggers face this same dilemma and struggle to keep up with everything. I absolutely love blogging, but I also manage several blogs and I am beginningContinue Reading

Using Twitter to Increase Traffic

Becoming a successful blogger means increasing your traffic. While it is possible to manipulate other blogging statistics, traffic is often a sign of popularity and success. There are many ways to increase your traffic, but social media sites are often overlooked in this discussion. Find out how twitter can be used to increase your traffic. Continue reading Continue Reading

Four Ways to Get More Traffic

It’s been a few weeks since Google’s most recent algorithm (Penguin) update has been released, affecting many websites. Anyone who has been around the blogosphere for a while knows that this hasn’t been the first. Between penguins and pandas, webmasters are always left guessing how to increase SEO and traffic in general. Learn four easy strategies you can use to increase your pageviews. Continue reading Continue Reading