3 Responses to 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Your Guest Post Published

  1. Thanks for the tips. I follow most of these but I like to give the blogger some options to choose from so I give them titles and brief descriptions of post ideas. Seems to have worked for me so far!

    • Derek says:

      Sometimes options are ok, but if the blogger is extremely busy, they might forsee it as a time-consuming email chain in the future. Send a relevant article immediately and I’ll bet that they jump at the opportunity to post it. Thanks for reading Lance – you’re certainly doing awesome with your blog. I bet you’re going to be one of the next big ones!

  2. Great points…I would never have grown as quickly in 2011 if I wasn’t guest posting and staff writing everywhere. And yes, you always want to send great stuff to others to ensure it’s used. Humor helps too.