The Most Important Detail For Your Blog’s Success

After owning and operating multiple blogs, I now realize that there are a ton of things to keep up with – social media, articles, comments, posts, the site layout… the list goes on and on. But, after these years of experience, I have discovered the absolute most important detail to running a successful blog. That’s right, Pandora’s box is now open and I hold the secret as to what’s inside.

Our Experience With This Site, Online Money Bloggers

Corey and I started this site in November, 2011. The premise was pretty simple, to have experienced bloggers help the new blogger through detailed guest articles, and also to inspire them with our “Leaderboard” which showed the yearly earnings of over 20 blogging veterans. Everything was lined up for this site to be a huge success, but we missed that very important detail that makes a blog successful…. so at this point, we’re just another average site that few people know about.

So what’s the big important detail? It’s actually very simple – the readers. In order for a site to be successful, you must attract other readers! And, equally as important, your site must be so good that those readers want to tell other readers about your site! From there, your site will flourish.

Our Plan With This Site

Corey and I know that this site could be huge. Do you know how many bloggers there are out there that would like to make just $100 a month? It’s entirely possible, but you’ve got to have the knowledge to get there – and that’s where our site comes in. We have quite a few articles coming our way from other bloggers – those that are already making $1,000+ per month – to explain how they got to this point, and also how they continue to receive their revenue. All of those new bloggers should be glued to our site, but there’s just one problem… they don’t know it exists yet.

While we’re working on our SEO (to get more of those first-time visitors), we’re also going to restructure our site a little bit. You’ll notice that our homepage will soon be fresh and new, allowing for our new reader to easily understand the purpose of the site, and then be able to easily navigate through it to find what they need.

Once these changes are made, we’ll be ready to let the world know about our site. By offering a few promotional incentives, we should be able to capture quite a large number of initial visitors from all over the web, and from there we should see an absolute explosion of visitors that will only increase in the future. We’re excited about what this site can do for that first-time blogger, and I’m also excited to hear how your site booms with success just by altering your focus to the reader. Good luck!

Do you feel like your site is already focused on the reader? What do you think you can change in the future to improve your site?

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10 Responses to The Most Important Detail For Your Blog’s Success

  1. Congrats on the plans for the site. I don’t remember how I found your blog but I definitely am subscribed to the feed to keep up to date!

    • Derek says:

      Thanks Lance! I always enjoy your comments, so I’m glad you’ve stuck around. Get ready for some great things in the future!

  2. Can’t wait for the site update. I hope you rejuvenate the leaderboard too!

    • Derek says:

      Yep. Corey and I are definitely updating the leaderboard, and probably placing more of a focus on it for the new bloggers. It’s always a motivator for the newbies.

  3. Sheila says:

    Love reading and learning from your articles. Makeovers on a site are always fun!!

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  6. As a newbie, I really appreciate the information on this site. It has helped me avoid common mistakes and really approach my blog as something that can grow into a business. And the Leaderboard is definitely an inspiration! Keep doin’ what you do!

    • Derek says:

      I absolutely LOVE looking at that leaderboard. To see all those bloggers making so much money is really an inspiration isn’t it!? I wish I could look at something like that when I was first starting out. Keep the comments coming Jacob. I love reading them!