The Importance of Consistent Publishing

I have always believed that consistent publishing of fresh, unique content is an incredibly important part of successful blogging.  Think of some of the most successful blogs and the amount of content that is generated.  Some of the bigger sites out there are publishing three and four posts per day.  Now there is even some research which indicates that more content can lead to more traffic which will ultimately lead to greater online earnings.

Why Does More Content Equal More Traffic?

If you take the time to think about it, it only makes sense.  Whether your traffic comes from regular readers or search engines, you will get more traffic with more consistent publishing.  Regular readers and subscribers will not have much reason to visit your blog if you only publish a new article once each month.  They may even get so frustrated as to unsubscribe.

Now if we consider search engine traffic, the more content that you have will mean that there is more content to index and search.  You won’t be able to rank for every keyword and phrase so the more chances you have to get your blog onto prime search engine real estate, the more likely you are to actually get some keywords to rank.

Ultimately, it simply comes down to the laws of probability.  You are more likely to win the lottery if you play one million tickets versus one.  The same principles apply to blogging, content, and traffic.

How Often Should You Publish?

This really comes down to a personal preference and has to do with the amount of time that you have as a blogger.  For me, I took a clue from Derek and started publishing on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule.  Personally, since I also work full-time, three days per week is about the extent of my physical and creative limits.

On the other hand, you might be one who can publish daily.  If so, you would likely end up growing your blog more quickly than I have been able to grow mine.  Just be careful not to get burned out.  You also don’t want to sacrifice quality in the interest of quantity.

Ultimately, you should find a posting schedule that you could maintain over a prolonged period of time as you grow your blog’s readership.  Remember, blogging is a marathon and not a sprint.

This post was written by Jim, a 30k Challenger at Cash Flow Mantra.

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2 Responses to The Importance of Consistent Publishing

  1. The more content you have, the more long tail search your website will receive. So, more content always equals more traffic!

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