How to Revive a Site: Coming Back to Our Original Dream

Blogging, like any other part of life, is a journey. It has its bumps, its challenges. But, on the flip side, it has its ups and positives. There are many times when you feel like all of your work is wasted or not generating any results. Derek and I felt this way a few months ago. At the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012, we set about this challenge of earning $30,000. We invited others to join us.

Ups and Downs of Blogging

Blogging Has Its Ups and Downs like a Rollercoaster

We got lots of positive responses and we were well on our way to making history. Who would think that new bloggers could go from earning nothing to lots of money in one year’s time. We set a large goal, but just manageable enough that those who were serious about reaching it, could do just that. Then everything hit the fan. (to put it nicely)

What Ruined Our Plans

In the Spring of 2012, many people were penalized by Google. They were playing a dangerous game and it came back to haunt them. Because some people lost their ability to earn income, several people dropped out of the 30k Challenge. More people, because of other personal reasons (or fear), dropped out because of the publishing incomes aspect. Publishing your income, while inspiring for new bloggers, can lead to hatred or jealousy. If people have no reserve to leave hateful comments, imagine what they will do to try and sabotage one’s income.

Time to Resurrect the Dream

After months of thinking about giving up on this site, we have decided to give it another shot. Derek and I thought about selling the site, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. There is too much potential. Too much of a high side to give up now. That is why we have decided to give it another shot. It’s going to take time, but we have focused in on our vision for the site and hope to make it something amazing.

Where This Blog is Headed

For those who are curious, this blog will be going back to one of its primary functions: helping new bloggers monetize their site. It will be revamped over the next several months and will be aimed at providing the best resource for monetizing blogs. We will attempt to make the Blogging FAQ more comprehensive. We will upgrade from the free theme. We will do lots of things with the end result of helping other bloggers. We have had some moderate success and we want to share it with others.



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5 Responses to How to Revive a Site: Coming Back to Our Original Dream

  1. Yay OMB is back! Glad you are reviving the site and I look forward to it!

  2. I’m glad you found a way to make it work and hopefully it will be enjoyable for you as well. I always appreciate any advice and look forward to following.

  3. W00t! I was hoping this would come back! Any hopes of resurrecting the $30k challenge, or is it still too risky?

    Even if not, this has been a great resource for me already, so I’m glad it didn’t die :)

    • Corey says:

      Jacob, thanks. I am glad you found it helpful. We are working on new resources for new bloggers, so stay tuned!