What plugins should I have?

Everyone has their own set of plugins that they use. However, here is a list of plugins that we recommend you looking into:

    • Fast Secure Contact Form– If you want your readers (or potential advertisers) to be able to contact you via a contact form, this is the best one that I have found.
    • Simple Google Sitemap XML generates a valid Google XML sitemap, which can then be used with Google’s Webmaster Tools.
    • Tweet, Like, Google +1, and Share – this is an awesome plug-in that allows people to Tweet, Like, or Google +1 your posts!
    • WordPress SEO – This plug-in really boosts your Search Engine Optimization and you’ll almost immediately see your Google Search traffic increase.
    • Thank Me Later – This is a great plug-in that automatically sends an email to your commenters! Make sure that you set it up to only send an email to newcomers though, otherwise it just gets annoying for repeat commenters.
    • Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin  – if you are receiving a ton of spam comments, this plug-in will eliminate nearly all of those simply by adding a check-box below your comment window. Your commenters will just have to check the box to prove they aren’t a spam-bot. I like this plug-in way better than Captcha because I think it’s less annoying for my readers.
    • CommentLuv – other bloggers like to have their latest posts shown when they comment on your site. It’s a good incentive for them to comment. This plug-in does just that.
    • Broken Link Checker – This plug-in monitors all of the links in your site. Having links that go nowhere can hurt your reputation and annoy readers.
    • Quick Adsense – If you are interested in posted adsense in all of your posts without copying and pasting your adsense code into each and every post, use this plug-in to add it as a batch.
    • Limit Login Attempts – This is a great security feature to have. It limits the number of login attempts that anyone can have. It is easy to customize and you can set it up to send you email notifications each time someone has been trying to log in to your site.

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