How to suggest a guest post to another blogger?

If you go about getting a guest post on another site the wrong way, you may be turned down or even ignored. The most important thing to do is to avoid being seen as spam. Introduce yourself and include a link to your site that they can click to see where you are writing. Make sure to look through their site to see if they accept guest posts and if they do, whether there are any regulations. If there aren’t any regulations, another important step is to propose the article that you want to write for their site when you first contact them and make it as brief as possible. This will allow them to evaluate whether they are interested without wasting their time by reading a novel or entire post. Once you are accepted, be sure to thank them and volunteer to promote the post AND respond to any comments. This not only shows your gratitude to the host, but it shows the readers that you care about their opinion and they should visit your site as well.

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