How to lower bounce rate or increase pageviews?

  1. Most popular posts widget
    1. Within your WordPress “Widgets” page, you’ll see “BFA Most Popular Posts”. Drag this into a sidebar and the posts with the the most comments will be featured on your site’s sidebar.
  2. Subscribe to comments plugin
    1. Often, readers want to know how other readers (or the post author) respond to their comment. Add this plugin (“Subscribe to Comments Reloaded”) to add an option to the bottom of each of your posts that allows any reader to be notified if there are any additional comments on that post.
  3. RSS feed subscription
    1. As we described earlier, a feed subscription will let your readers know what you write about after you publish each post. If they are interested in the topic, chances are that they’ll click around your site, looking for more great articles.
  4. Install “you might also like” plugin
    1. This plugin will automatically suggest related articles to your readers based on common topics and keywords. It’s a great way to get your readers to explore your site a little more and hang out around a little longer.

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