Benefits of a Newsletter List

A newsletter or email list, like Aweber Email Marketing, can supplement your blogging efforts and income in many ways. There are many advantages to using a newsletter:

  1. Increased interaction from readers – There’s perhaps no easier way to promote old posts and encourage readers to comment and share your work on your blog than through an email service.
  2. Universality – While some people may use RSS readers, many people don’t even know what that is. Being able to deliver an email to your reader’s inbox is a powerful and universal way to reach them. Everyone has email.
  3. Professional – Feedburner offers an email option, but nothing that is going to be as professional as a service like Aweber.
  4. Easy to Sign up – These email services often come with optin forms. It’s a great way to convert visitors to regular readers.
  5. Affiliate Income – With a newsletter, you can easily promote products that will pay you when people sign up for a particular service. Emails usually have a higher conversion rate than blog posts. A higher conversion rate = more money.

If you are considering starting a newsletter, why wait. You can read our review on Aweber after using it for just a few days, or jump over and sign up now.

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