30k Challenge Update – January 2012

I know many of our readers have been anxiously awaiting an update on how the 30k Challenge is going for all of our challengers. The time is finally here – you get to know the challengers of the Online Money Bloggers’ 30k Challenge are doing. That’s right – we are displaying our progress so that anyone and everyone can see it. We believe that by being open and honest, it will not only encourage the challengers to work harder to reach our goal, but also help you learn from our success.

We want to provide a resource for anyone interested in earning money from blogging. For those of you who don’t know, we now have a published leaderboard that will be updated on a monthly basis. It lists all of the challengers, with their monthly income as well as their total for 2012. So, if you are wondering how everyone is doing, head on over a take a look. You can now access it from the main navigation menu on our site. Let’s get to the progress update…

January 2012 Highlights:

Congratulations to Jeff from Dollars and Roses  and Melissa from Mom’s Plans for making the most progress toward their 30k Challenge. Even though only 1 month has gone by, both have already well-surpassed the necessary $2,500 to be on track to earn $30,000. In fact, 5 challengers have reached the $2,500 mark in the first month and are on pace to break $30,000 in 2012. The other two challengers are: Corey from 20’s Finances, Robert from The College Investor.

While not everyone has reached that $2,500 goal, there are lots of great projects in the works. Many of the challengers have started second or third sites (or many more that we don’t know about) in order to reach the $30,000 mark by the end of December. It isn’t always easy to make money from blogging, but it is possible.

Be sure to check out the leaderboard to see where all of the challengers ended up. For the challengers who were not satisfied with the results, there’s no need to worry – there’s still 11 months left in 2012 and a ton more money to be earned! There are going to be bad months and good months. Let’s make February a good month!

Stay Motivated!

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6 Responses to 30k Challenge Update – January 2012

  1. Jeff is totally crushing it! :) My only comment is is everyone using the same standards to report? I remember we discussed this but not sure if you ever mentioned that when asking people to submit.

  2. Great job everyone!! I clearly have a lot of work to do, which I knew. I’m sufficently motivated.

  3. Corey says:

    A lot of people are doing well. It does provide the motivation to really put more effort into growing my various sites. It’s amazing what a little friendly competition can do to a person…

    @invest it wisely, yes, as far as I know, people are all recording income in the same way. Some people are recording adsense differently, but consistency is the important thing for those sort of things.

  4. Wow, Jeff is crushing it. All and all though, everyone is doing really well. Congrats everyone!!

  5. YFS says:

    Woah.. great job everyone!

  6. Buck Inspire says:

    Wow Jeff is on fire, but everyone on the board is doing great. Keep it up guys and gals!