30k Challenge Update – February 2012

I know many of our readers have been anxiously waiting for another update on how the 30k Challenge is going for all of our challengers. The time is finally here again – you get to know the challengers of the Online Money Bloggers’ 30k Challenge are doing. That’s right – we are displaying our progress so that anyone and everyone can see it. We believe that by being open and honest, it will not only encourage the challengers to work harder to reach our goal, but also help you learn from our success.

We want to provide a resource for anyone interested in earning money from blogging. For those of you who don’t know, we now have a published leaderboard that will be updated on a monthly basis. It lists all of the challengers, with their monthly income as well as their total for 2012. So, if you are wondering how everyone is doing, head on over a take a look. You can now access it from the main navigation menu on our site. Let’s get to the progress update…

February 2012 Highlights

Congratulations to Corey from 20’s Finances for taking the lead. He suggests that it was partially luck, but it is hard to believe that considering his numbers from February. Corey wasn’t the only one with huge success last month.

In fact, 4 other challengers reached the $2,500 mark in February. These challengers are: Robert from The College Investor,  Derek from Life and My Finances, Jon from Free Money Wisdom, Kevin from Invest it Wisely.

While not everyone reached that $2,500 goal, there was a lot of progress made from last month. Some people saw a little decline, but there are going to be bad months. As it stands right now, 6 of the challengers are on pace to break $30k for 2012 and there are lots of others within reach. If you are one of those challengers, keep working hard and I am sure it will pay off.

Increasing Income

One of the keys to success in breaking the challenge will be increasing the earnings as the year goes on. Many have already seen an increase. In fact, there were several challengers (in addition to some already mentioned) that improved their earnings from January. Other challengers that saw a significant increase from January to February are: Briana from 20 and Engaged, Joe from Retire by 40, Jeremy from Personal Finance Whiz, YFS from Your Finances Simplified, Sandy from Yes I am Cheap.

Be sure to check out the leaderboard to see where all of the challengers ended up. For the challengers who were not satisfied with the results, there’s no need to worry – there’s still 10 months left in 2012 and a ton more money to be earned! There are going to be bad months and good months. Let’s make March a good month!

Stay Motivated!

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9 Responses to 30k Challenge Update – February 2012

  1. Derek says:

    Congrats to everyone so far! There have been some disappointments and there have been some successes, but either way, there are still 10 months to go! Anything could happen! I can’t wait to see how these numbers change over the next few months as the challengers pick up the pace. :)

  2. sooverdebt says:

    Ugh, my February was awful but March is on track to go really well if the pace keeps up. Best of luck to everyone else this month – hopefully we all see a big jump in earnings!

  3. If anything, February was a learning experience. It was slow with direct revenue but I hope to turn it around this month as my diversified projects begin to take shape and start to bring in some cash!

  4. Congrats to all of the challengers! :) February was a good month for me, but hard to say if that will be sustained month over month. You guys are definitely crushing it. :)

  5. Andrea says:

    i can’t believe some of the people on top, pretty amazing! Great work and good luck to all this month!

  6. Oren says:

    Congratulations to everyone. It is inspiring to see all these numbers continue to go higher!

  7. I’m enjoying this competition. It is very motivating! Congrats to everyone so far!!

    • Derek says:

      I’m loving it too! I feel like I’ve done pretty well, but I’m nowhere near the top of the leaderboard! It’s time to step it up! 😉

  8. My website earned zero income last month, but its been fun and more people are visiting every day. Good luck to you all! I hope to be there someday!